Hey, hey!

Thanks for stopping by and giving my website a visit, I’m completely honored that you wanted to read some of my posts or that you clicked on this section to get to know a bit about me!

My name is Gené Hunter, it sounds like “Janae” or you can call me ‘Naé’ or Geyoncé when I’m feeling spicy! I’m a South GA native, a true country girl but I love the big city life. I currently reside on the outskirts of Atlanta and I’m a [Fall ‘16] graduate of Georgia State University where I majored in Broadcast Journalism, whoop whoop!

I’m a published entertainment journalist and now I’m bringing all of my fun and lifestyle content ideas to life on my own platform. I’ve written for publications like ESSENCE and InStyle as well as local magazines in Atlanta, Miami, and New York. I’ve had the pleasure of doing on camera interviews with a few major celebrities and public figures, but now it’s time to really do my own thing. I’m so excited yet nervous to release this content but what better time than now?

I consider myself to be a total ‘girl’s girl’, I love all things women empowerment and I’m immersed in pop culture DAILY. I aim to make my content and this platform I’m creating, a community for women to have meaningful conversation about all aspects of womanhood as it pertains to the media we take in everyday.

Every post won’t always be inspirational or super professional because that’s not me 24/7. I believe transparency is a super power and that’s what I’ll be giving throughout this journey of blogging. I’m a girl that’s about her business but will still take over for the 99 and the 2000s and all my girls do the same.

I hope you’re ready for some kick ass content and bomb ass conversation, girl!